Friday, June 5, 2009

Top Ten

Yesterday Audrey and I documented all the "healthy" foods she loves the most. We thought this would be a good way to come up with new combinations and give us ideas for things we can try out that are similar to what already tastes good to her... Baby steps.

Audrey's Top Ten:
  1. Nectarines/Peaches
  2. Strawberries
  3. Blueberries
  4. Wheat penne with butter and fresh Parmesan cheese
  5. Her dad's "crispy chicken"
  6. Corn on the cob (and cornbread, more on this later)
  7. Steak
  8. Mashed potatoes
  9. String cheese
  10. Cinnamon toast on wheat bread
We really need to work on the green veggies...not a single one on the list.

What are your kid's favorites?


  1. HA! that list sounds strangely familiar!
    fiona (my 4 year old) has a very similar list. cornbread being stuff she "dreams about", her words.
    yep. 1-10,..EXACTLY the same. although i would have to add bananas to the list.

  2. My little ones are picky about their veggies, too, but they'll eat steamed broccoli ("trees" at our house) with a little lemon+butter, green beans cooked in chicken broth, English peas, corn, mashed potatoes with garlic+butter... and that is about it. Love the blog btw.

  3. I have one who will eat just about any fruit but only the basics of vegetables and one who will eat vegetables (including asparagus and brussel sprouts), but only apples and bananas.

    I figure I'm doing /something/ right, but I'm not sure what. Love the blog.

  4. my favorite -- oooh fiona sounds quite divine!

  5. noah (3yo) eats chicken, natural peanut butter, cheese, whole wheat bread, ww pasta, and ww couscous (his favorite!), yogurt, apples, bananas, pumpkin muffins. i can't think of a single veggie that the boy will eat. there was that one night where he randomly requested the tomato skins from the tomatoes in his marinara, but those flukes are just that...flukes. he needs work. :) sam (4 months)- mommy's milk. all the way. :)

  6. Sam's is almost exactly the same but throw in some organic plain yogurt and avacaodo and she'd live on the list happily for the rest of her life.

    J :)

  7. lobotoME -- sigh...avacado...i can only dream!

  8. We have an Audrey too! We posted some of her favorites on our blog last week! She is 13 months and enjoys one of the healthiest and organic diets of any toddler I know.!.html

    Kiwi (if she could only eat one thing it would be this!)
    Tofu (another absolute favorite)
    Shredded Cheese
    Apple (sauteed in apple juice until soft)
    Black Baluga Lentils (mini lentil beans)
    Green Peas
    Mini Bagels (perfect for stroller rides, they are messy)