Monday, June 29, 2009

Homemade Pizza Part II

Friday night's homemade pizza was such a success that we decided to made another big batch of dough for Sunday dinner. We're still working on getting the crust super thin (any tips here?), but that was our only big issue -- seriously so, so easy and incredibly good...

I picked up some crumbled mild Italian sausage, a tiny bit of really good pepperoni and some organic mozzarella at Whole Foods for the girlie's pizza. They wanted a sort of straightforward "meat lovers", but since we were making it ourselves, we could control the quality and amount of meat, which made me feel better about the whole endeavor.

We just used an organic tomato basil pasta sauce that I also picked up at Whole Foods and spread a thin layer on the crust with a pastry brush. The girl's especially loved this part, as it was like they were "painting" their pizza, and they could control the amount of sauce they wanted. (Audrey is a light sauce girl, but the neighborhood joint never gets it right... Yet another bonus of making it ourselves.)

For the grown-up pizza, I went a little wild and topped it with a smidge of pasta sauce, some very finely sliced drunken goat cheese, a little smattering of the mozzarella, a bit of the crumbled sausage + a few crumbles of bacon, some arugula and some pine nuts.

It was incredible!


  1. Yum! Homemade pizza is one of the best things in the world! We get our crust super thin by rolling it SUPER thin, I mean as thin as you can get it! WE also grill ours with the gas on the lowest setting: brush rolled dough with olive oil on both sides, cook one side and flip, add your toppings put the lid on and let it all melt together. It's awesome!

  2. Homemade pizza is one of the MOST satisfying things to make. I love it. Rolling it super thin takes some serious arm work, and I can never get it quite as thin as a really good pizzeria, but I still love it.

  3. omg, yum! Your grown up pizza sounds amazing! I'm excited to try this at home!

  4. this sounds like heaven. I have a fear of making breads but I think I just need to go ahead and do it!!

  5. Peter Reinhart's Neopolitan Pizza Dough recipe from the Bread Baker's Apprentice is amazingly thin and crispy. The other part of it is getting your oven as hot as it will go. Heidi Swanson kindly typed up the long recipe and directions a while back: