Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One Of Our Favorite Things -- Green Tea Ice Cream

I have been on a quest for the best, most perfect green tea ice cream for the better part of a decade. It started in college; I'd go to Boulder a few times a year to visit my best friend Kirsten, and as soon as my plane touched down, we'd head to our favorite sushi restaurant and tuck into some rolls and sake. But the best part of the meal was always the little scoop of green tea ice cream they served for dessert. It was perfection. After much cajoling, we got the restaurant to tell us it was actually Dryer's green tea ice cream, but it was only available to restaurants.

We were bummed but certain we could find an acceptable substitute...which lead to tasting every. single. brand. of green tea ice cream we came across and a string of disappointments.

Until now. Last year, my sweet hubby spotted a carton of Maeda-en at our local Central Market and picked it up for me hoping it would be "the one". And friends, it was. It is literally the best ice cream I've ever tea or not.

I highly recommend you find some stat and eat a nice big bowl. It will make you incredibly happy. I promise.


  1. Hmm, I've had the green tea mochi and really didn't like it. Is the straight ice cream a bit different?

  2. Rachell -- i've never had the mochi, but i think it's pretty have to try it. trust's rockin!

  3. I've never had it... but I guess I'll have to try. To go with the mochi comments above... i love love love mochi -- joslyn, you must try!

  4. I will have to try this! I have been on an ice-cream making kick lately, so I will be doing an internet search for a recipe, too!