Friday, July 10, 2009

Weekend Food

Scenes from last month's White Rock Local Market

We’ve got a few fun foodie activities planned this weekend...

Tonight we're having neighbors over to splash in the baby pool and throw some organic, grass fed burgers on the grill + make an orzo salad with tomato, feta cheese and basil.

Tomorrow we’re having some new friends (fun!) over for dinner and are thinking of making Bryan’s green chili chicken enchilada casserole + Mexican beans and my friend Kristie’s famous “beautiful rice”… It’s so good! I’ll share the recipe on Monday.

But we’re especially excited to hit up the monthly White Rock Local Market tomorrow morning. Check out my piece on Renegade Bus* about the market and be sure to stop by if you live in Dallas!

So, what are you cooking this weekend??

* I'm going to be writing about local food each Friday on Renegade Bus!


  1. The next time you are in Cincinnati, we'll have to take you down to Findlay Market. It's the oldest continuously running farmer's market in the state of Ohio...and Ohio knows farmer's markets.

  2. Could you repost your link to Bryan's casserole? That sounds like just the thing for our casual family gathering the weekend, but no luck finding it in your archives.

    Otherwise, lots of salad and fresh fruit. I am lazy about cooking in the summer.

  3. We are having friends over tonight for swimming in the baby pool (the kids) and cards and beer (us after the kids are sleeping). I'm making "busy day italian chicken" which is super easy and a slow cooker meal.

    Farmer's market (hopefully) in the morning and no other plans! Taking it easy, I'm excited.

  4. Summer grilling sessions are the absolute best. :)

    This weekend is the celebration of my mother's and my birthday at our family's old farm in Oklahoma! We always have a huge brisket, courtesy of my Uncle's amazing skills, and my great granny always makes our favorite coconut cream cake! (Wars have been waged over this cake, seriously!)

    Tonight, I'm taking it easy at the house and experimenting with a new recipe: strips of fried green tomaters, feta, and a few herbs out of the garden...check out my blog later to see how it turns out!

  5. are those chocolate bars, the things at the top that say 'dude, sweet'??

    that's pure GENIUS!

    (cant wait to see the rice recipe!)