Monday, September 14, 2009

It's Time... The Cooking Group

image by roland bello via gourmet

Just as I was thinking that it's time to officially kick-off our little online cooking group, my friend Tiffany sends me this great article. The gist is that kids love repetition, and if you have 5-10 foolproof, kid-approved recipes in your arsenal , dinnertime is pretty much done and done.

So with that as our guiding principal, I've rejiggered the guidelines for the cooking club a bit. Rather than dictating an ingredient to cook around each week, I'm proposing that we just try something new, perhaps slightly out of our comfort zone, but with kids in mind. (This also helps those of you participating that are vegetarians.)

That doesn't mean we have to dumb things down, but this isn't an exercise in extravagance either. The goal is to impress our kids not each other -- although impressing your kids with good food is awfully impressive...

I think I have a good record of everyone that "signed up" from the original post. I've created a side bar on the right with all the participants. Let me know if you're listed and don't want to do it so I can remove you, OR if you want to be added.

I'll add participants through the end of the week and close it on Friday.

So, here's the deal... For the next 8 weeks (schedule below) we'll all create one "new" dinner per week and post the recipe and results on Tuesdays on our own blogs. In addition to posting my recipe here on Tuesdays, I'll also post three of my favorites from the rest of the group on Thursdays.

Once we're done, hopefully we'll all have 5-10 new rockin new recipes ,and all our dinnertime woes will be solved.

Happy Cooking!

  • Week One -- Tuesday, Sept 22nd
  • Week Two -- Tuesday, Sept 29th
  • Week Three -- Tuesday, Oct. 6th
  • Week Four -- Tuesday, Oct 13th
  • Week Five -- Tuesday, Oct 20th
  • Week Six -- Tuesday, Oct 27th
  • Week Seven -- Tuesday, Nov 3rd
  • Week Eight -- Tuesday, Nov 10th


  1. so excited, but not going to join yall just yet! I am afraid i would sadly disapoint as i'm still getting used to life with 3 kids. i'm very guilty of doing whatever we have to to get through dinner some nights. can't wait to see the recipes (and hopefully USE them!)!!


  2. Awesome! I love how you reworked it and I marvel at how organized you are and how you balance everything (work, kids, the shop, blogging, etc., etc.). Very excited to see what everyone comes up with!


  3. Still in. Buoyed by the fact that my uber-picky younger just started eating almonds today out of nowhere. Can a fruit or vegetable be far behind? I might still follow your original guidelines just to have some structure but it's nice to have flexibility. Thanks & happy cooking!

  4. I'd love to join in, all the way from Dubai. I am really working planning the family meals a little more at the moment so it's great timing!

  5. I will be missing the first two weeks of this challenge because we are up to our elbows in fruits and veggies that need to be canned for the winter. (Perhaps I will feed my kids at least one meal in the next few weeks. And, maybe, just maybe, I will be able to pull myself away for a few bloggable minutes. But I do understand if I have to wait for Round 2 with this lack of commitment.) Oh, and when I do join in the fun, I would like to change the blog link for me...

  6. Kate -- you can definitely still join! no worries. What blog link do you want me to use?

  7. Hi Joslyn, I'm loving this blog and would love to join the cooking club. It's just what I need to get me back into a better routine, with cooking and my blog that has gone unattanded for too long! Can you add my name to your list? So excited to get started!


  8. I'd like to give it a try. Does the recipe need to be our own or can we get it from someone else and attribute it to the source? I just joined a farm co-op and will begin getting my veggie basket next week. I'd love to research recipes to go along with my fresh veggies then give them a whirl and post if that fits with your perimeters....

  9. Ali -- you can get the recipes from anywhere. I'll add you to the list!

  10. Please add me too, this sounds like fun, and it will encourage me to try something new each week. I can also use new ideas for the kiddos!

  11. Add me too. Thanks for organizing and inspiring us all Jos.


  12. I think I'm too late to join this one but I'd love to join if you do it again. I'm always looking for and trying news things to feed my kids.

  13. Sorry I am a write off this week - we just got a puppy, Fred, and the only new in my pantry is PAL. Actually, that's a lie - Fred exists on a diet of brown rice, ground beef, pumpkin, scrambled eggs and cereal. At the moment, he is the best fed member of the family - I am existing on coffee. May I still play? ! I promise to contribute a recipe next week. It's a fantastic idea, this online cooking group. Thank you for much needed push!

  14. Well,I won't be contributing...BUT will definitely be checking out all the recipes...what a wonderful idea!
    LOVE IT!
    Can I blog about you guys?

  15. oh dang! I missed it. i will still pop by and visit. i am bound to find some wonderful recipes.
    : )

  16. If you do this again, I would love to join in. I'm not a mom (the original post mentioned it was a mom's group - buy maybe I can still make the next cut - if you do another one). I love cooking, always have. I have a lovely amazing 2 year old girl, who is the delight of my life - but so picky with foods. So I try to use as much creativity as I have left to put a food related smile on her face and to hear those amazing words, "it good daddy - good job!".