Monday, October 19, 2009

Fair Food

For the most part, we're pretty darn healthy eaters. The girls eat loads of fruit, mostly drink water and prefer wheat bread. We never buy soda or juice, rarely buy candy (minus good chocolate) and hardly ever eat fried food or fast food or, well junk food in general. Our issue has never been so much about the girlies being "unhealthy" eaters so much as the fact that they are supremely picky and so my mission has been to try and expand their palettes a little bit each day.

But a few times a year we throw all caution to the wind. We're not really strict when it comes to birthday parties or Halloween or Easter -- the girlies take to the treats with abandon and then the next day we go back to business as usual -- and so far, it's been a good system for us.

Our annual visit to the Texas State Fair is one of those "all wheels off" days. So enamoured we are with the culinary bacchanal that is the fair that we actually spend a lot of time plotting our food strategy beforehand. We all have our favorite (incredibly bad for you) fair food and our own little rituals for eating it. Bryan and I always go for the giant corny dogs... always. He likes his plain, I get the jalapeno cheese one -- it is spectacular, and I'm not even a big fan of hot dogs, so this is saying a lot. I also love the frozen, chocolate covered cheesecake. I know, I know... I told you, this is insanely bad for you food friends.

Audrey's go-to treats are those crazy battered chicken strips with loads of ketchup, she and Millie both beg for a giant bag of cotton candy, and we end up going home with a year's supply of peppermint saltwater taffy.

Last Friday was our yearly fair trip and after a week battling the flu, we all held back a bit on the food front. (Audrey and Millie couldn't even finish half their shared bag of cotton candy.) We were lightweights.
We'll have to make up for it next year...

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