Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh The Breakthroughs...

During the past couple of months, I've eased up a bit on my attempts (i.e. begging, bribing, etc...) to get Audrey to try new things. The string of failures was getting to me, and I was starting to tire of what felt a bit like dinner-time drama. Meals should be fun, right?

So I laid off. I still put new things on her plate, but if she turned her nose up, I didn't sweat it. Things felt mellower at mealtime, but I was starting to worry about stunted palettes and carb overload (I'm a's my way.)

But as with most things in life, the less I cared, cajoled or stressed the more willing she was to do what I wanted her to do ;-) , and I'm happy to report that this weekend we had a string of major food breakthroughs.

Friday evening we stopped by our local Central Market to pick up some wine for dinner with lovely cousin Erin and boyfriend Ben, and Audrey, starving (this could have contributed to her food adventurousness too I suppose), happily popped a grape tomato that I offered up from our cart into her mouth... and the child hates tomatoes. She then proceeded to eat the entire container and asked me to buy another one for tomorrow. Success.

Then a few aisles over a lady was offering samples of tofu and veggie friend rice, which Audrey happily lapped up as well. What was happening here? I was beginning to think my child's body had been temporarily taken over by the spirit of some gastronome.

It was odd.

Fast forward to dinner, and she looks up from her plate to tell boyfriend Ben that his mashed potatoes are "delicious". Now I realize mashed potatoes aren't exactly a stretch, but these had the peels mixed in, plus a nice dose of sour cream and rosemary. All things that would typically make said potatoes a deal breaker for my daughter, but not on this magical night.

Progress friends...progress.


  1. success! i too worry about too much carbs/crap going into my kids mouth, but your post is very timely as i am working at being less concerned over it all, more relaxed if possible!

  2. Congrats and hooray! Maybe it's the season change? My Beige Diet son has recently expanded his "willing to try" repertoire. Often to more beige, but the Trader Joe's lemongrass chicken sticks represented a real departure. Of course, he pronounced that they "taste like pepperoni pizza," but that is a good thing in his mind.
    We'll get there, maybe, someday, right?!

  3. Oh how I miss Central Market!! My 2 yr old will try anything sampled at Whole Foods but turn her nose up at it once we get I tried serving things on toothpicks for a while :) Worked for a bit but now we're back to square one...

  4. good it must feel to see her taste buds explore!

  5. you give me hope. whenever i see a child popping blueberries or eating an apple or carrots as if its a treat i get so envious. any time ike eats ANY fruit or vegetable he gags. literally gags! the day he eats a whole container of cherry tomatoes will be just crazy for me...but i'll jump for joy! so...i can imagine the thrill for you! yay for progress!

  6. I have noticed that my daughter will eat anything at a taste tester booth. I should set up dinner and walk around the kitchen with her in a shopping cart.