Monday, November 2, 2009

Sunday Dinner is My Favorite (Even When Scary Mustaches Are Involved)

I love the ritual of sitting down to a meal with family and friends on Sunday evening.

Lovely cousin Erin and I try to do it as many Sundays as humanly possible, and no matter if things get chaotic or if Audrey insists that I NEVER make chicken pot pie with vegetables again (just chicken! no vegetables!) or if Millie refuses the entire meal in favor of buttery pasta and lil' smokies (don't ask) and then plants herself on the bench behind the table or if boyfriend Ben shows up sporting a seriously scary 1970's mustache... Sunday dinner still rocks.

More on what we ate tomorrow.


  1. i, too, love sunday dinners!
    it is rare that i get to have a nice sit down one anymore, being a student/working/studying 24/7, but the moments where i get to go home to my parents & eat dinner with them on sunday are always memorable ones.

  2. this is such a nice tradition - we used to do it with my family when we lived in the same town but it has stopped since we moved away. I'm thinking it's time to do it again with friends that are family instead.

  3. I love this tradition and I love that center piece!

  4. Love the tradition. Sounds so very nice, even with the mustache... My hubby sports a stache every Halloween. It was a creepy, small one last year and a handlebar the year before. This year we were saved bc he started a new job on the 30th. Yay!

  5. We've been so busy with our little twinsies that I don't think I've actually sat down for any meal in weeks! I look forward to the day that we can sit down as a family for dinners like you have with yours, and I know I'll cherish those times.