Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Divine Leftovers

Suffice to say, I ate a lot of turkey last week. A lot.

Even Audrey partook in the customary bird despite her earlier protests… (I didn’t pressure her, I promise.)

There was of course the big meal, which went quite well for our first time if I do say so myself ;-) but then there were the turkey sandwiches after.

Oh my, the turkey sandwiches.

My go-to was turkey, cranberry sauce, arugula and brie with a smidge of honey mustard on toasted wheat bread. It was incredibly yummy… I ate no less than four of these sandwiches last week and nearly cried when we ran out of leftover turkey. I think I might cook another (much smaller) bird just so I can continue making these sandwiches.

So spill it…what’s your favorite meal from the Thanksgiving leftovers?


  1. I didn't have any leftovers (had it at a relative's house) but I wish I did so I could try this:

  2. A warm turkey panini with gruyere cheese and pomegranate cranberry sauce spread!

  3. I thought you might enjoy this article (in case you haven't already seen it) Maira Kalman is amazing.

    My favorite leftover by the way is the vegan cheesecake with candied lovely and nutritious!

  4. We just had the whole thing one more time this evening. It was just as it was: stuffing, sweet potato casserole and ham. I also love ham sandwiches with my mom's spicy honey mustard. YUM!

  5. I think sandwiches work really well. I'm vegetarian, so this doesn't really apply to me. They have something called Quorn Turkey - (not Tofurkey!) which is egg-based i think. And it's very close to the real carnivore family said so! Anyway, we make sandwiches from our leftovers - Turkey, cranberry, stuffing, etc. And then sweet potatoes and green beans as sides! I've also thought of making soup with leftovers, but never tried it..

  6. My Mom always makes stuffed artichokes and they're so filling so always tons of leftovers besides the regular turkey etc leftovers. My favorite sandwich this year was turkey with stuffed artichoke hearts and a little mayo on hearty bread.
    I love your dishes in your placesettings - what brand are they?

  7. Our go-to Thanksgiving leftover: Pumpkin pie for breakfast.

  8. My favorite Thanksgiving leftover dish is turkey pot pie. I get the most fabulous gluten free pie crust from Whole Foods and put leftover turkey, gravy, and veggies in. It will make you want to have leftovers!