Monday, February 8, 2010

So What I Said About Snacking...

a photo of my current snack of choice taken with my blackberry...
Well, I might have to take it back.

Pinkberry has landed in Dallas...and it's close to our house.

Too close.

Now I know it's not especially novel to blog about Pinkberry (it's right up there with cupcakes and Anthropologie in oft-blogged topics), but friends, I can't help it. This stuff is good. In fact, it's so good (or I should say the coconut with toasted almonds and raspberries is so good) that it's forcing me to take back all of my "I don't really snack...only on nuts and cheese...but I don't really seek snacks out..." blah, blah, blah, because I sought out this very snack two days in a row last week.

So I might now be a snacker. I'm just saying.

But I also might be OK with that after reading all your insightful comments re: snacking. So thanks for that. Thanks for weighing in and forcing me to rethink some of my issues with how the girlies are approaching food rather than just blindly forcing my own (apparently former) eating habits on them.

+ it seems every time I start to obsess over some bad food habit the girls seem to be adopting, they surprise me with an altogether unexpected food moment. Take Audrey's Pinkberry experience: she ordered a small cup of chocolate (of course) with raspberries. When we got back to the car, Bryan and I asked how she liked it, and she said, "it was great, but next time I want to order just a cup of raspberries." "Is that cool?"

Cool with me...


  1. i wish i lived too close to pinkberry! you lucky dogs!

  2. Like the new banner! The yellow is so cheerful on these icky winter days!

  3. haha! We have a yogurtville near our house. It's on Park just West of Midway. It's the same idea - frozen yogurt buffet. It seems to be the new starbucks trend of this new decade. People are just there to hang out and catch up: families, couples, teens, etc. Snack away! I applaud you! :)

  4. ohhh. never seen a pinkberry before. makes life in rural kansas even a little more sad. when i see things like this i think "farm living is NOT the life for me." just a good excuse to visit a city mouse friend.

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  6. Thanks for you blog! We have featured it on our website, so be sure to check it out.

    Swirling Goodness,

  7. a. don't talk to me about snacking. xoxo, miss sour patch kids usa.

    b. so digging the new header! it makes my heart jump around like crazy.


  8. i LOVE your blog. and i looooooooooooove pinkberry and the closest one is about 4 hours away.

  9. bridget -- thanks for the kind words! consider yourself lucky that you don't live closer to's an addiction ;-)

  10. i miss pinkberry.. i used to live in LA where I got it whenever I wanted some but now I moved to Miami where there`s no Pinkberry.. there are a lot of copies of it but it`s not the same thing.. I love the cup with granola and fruit and yogurt and honey..
    oh well, have a wonderful weekend and please have a pinkberry for me :)