Monday, April 5, 2010

And Now The Reality...

Millie's first Peep, courtesy of her Grandmother...

There was lots of candy friends.

Lots more than I had planned for that is. I bought just a few things for the girlies' baskets, but then there was the school party and the school Easter egg hunt and the neighborhood Easter egg hunt and the ginormous basket that Bryan's mom gave each of them.

It was sugar-fest 2010...bigger than Halloween...epic even.

So I threw in the towel and let Sunday be a free day. Both girlies had the stomach flu a couple of days earlier, so I was feeling especially lenient (and they were especially hungry), and I just let them go for it, self-regulate. Honestly it wasn't as bad as I would have expected. They mostly wanted to taste everything, one bite and then they pretty much lost interest.

After they were in bed, I, well...(this is wasteful so I hesitate to admit it) discarded a good deal of what they had amassed, saving the best stuff in the treat bowl hidden way up in the pantry.

And then I ate the rest of it. Just kidding, but I did eat a lot, I'm just was a bad scene.

I'm banking on the fact that one (incredibly) sugar fueled day won't kill us, right?


  1. "moderation in all things, including moderation." Sounds like they did fine, honestly. We are programmed to like the taste of's only verrry recently (developmentally speaking) that it became a negative thing.
    And we did the same thing with the candy. Bought almost none ourselves (each boy had one box of Trader Joe's all natural jellybeans) and relatives provided lots more--wanted or not! And we worked hard (due to a very strict cousin who allows no artificial colors for her kids) to have mostly less-terrible stuff in the eggs and went instead with money and small toys. (Silly bands were very big this year.) It worked out great.
    It's not wasteful to throw away bad food. It just isn't. It was accepted with love from people who purchased it with a generous spirit. Nothing was wasted.
    Have a wonderful spring!

  2. Joslyn, we had the same experience here. Too much and too big (such large chocolate bunnies from grandma) given by the relatives. Sick children and just a few bites here and there. I have hidden the remainder to be given over the remainder of the year as special treats. Crazy holiday tradition, this chocloate giving is.
    We don't have "peeps" in Australia, what are they?

  3. Sounds familiar. I had a cute little easter basket with a little candy but mostly things - matchbox cars, bubbles, etc. Leave it to the relatives. Mother-in-law brought a basket with candy-filled eggs. My little one ate too much and proceeded to get sick - well hey, I guess none of it ended up in his system! :-)

  4. That is exactly what I worried about at the end of the day. I am so weak... Thank goodness I didn't put any sugar in her easter basket. She picked up enough of that from the rest of the day's festivities.

  5. If one sugar-fueled day hurts us, I'm in trouble...I just downed my 3rd lemon bar since yesterday. Oh wait, that's two days. Maybe I am in trouble. Keep those Peeps away from me:) Love your site:)

  6. That's basically what we did. Sunday was a giant sugar-fest with marshmallows at BREAKFAST. Gross, but true. And I have zero qualms about throwing candy in the trashcan!!! :)

  7. Engracia -- you are lucky not to have peeps...they are colored sugar covered marshmallows...and i have to say, they are gross ;-)

  8. We are so alike. Sometimes, this is not easy, I just let go, let loose, let them go crazy. Sometimes is like, oh, twice a year?

    Makes me feel soo good though when they don't stuff their face until they vomit with the candy.

    I love your blog.

  9. I will be attempting your slow cooker polenta tonight. Can't wait.

  10. I feel your pain on the stomach flu. It hit our family too over the weekend and caused us to miss a few of our plans. Only half the family made it to the birthday party. Kevin just happended to be home alone with the kids when the stomach flu hit Conor and the nearest thing he could grab that resembled a bucket as the barfing started was the easter basket. Poor Conor started crying and saying "no barf on the easter bunny". I think it was a little tramatizing.

  11. Oh yes, we had a similar situation here. I bought very little but had much given. I let them mostly eat it all day...but by the next day, there wasn't much ado about it. Surprisingly, we had no peeps (I didn't even like those when I was little!).

  12. I throw out candy P gets from school/others all the time--we have a great local chocolate shop and I'd rather he eat the real thing once in awhile than packaged candy. I don't feel guilty because it's junk and no one should eat it. I mean, I eat it :) but don't want my 3 year old eating it. I think I get away with it because he's not totally aware I toss it.

  13. I let the girls keep five things and threw the rest away. I feel like if I don't want my kids to eat it, why would I give it to other kids. Also, a dentist friend once told me it's MUCH better (from a dental perspective) to let your kids eat all the candy they want in one day, than to save it and give them a piece a day.