Monday, October 11, 2010

Friends There Was Sushi...

I suppose I first have to address my utter and complete slackerdom when it comes to this blog. Honestly I'm not quite sure what's happening here...we shop for food, we cook food and we eat food (a lot lately in fact), but when it comes to writing about food, I got nothin, nada, zilch.

But here's the thing, I'm not going to overthink it, rather I'm just going to forge forward, as sometimes I think the best way to bust through a rut is to stop thinking so much and just do. Yes?

So now for our latest foodie you probably gleaned from the title, it involved sushi (which is well...huge) and Millie, who it should be noted, is by far the pickier of my two girlies.

As I mentioned in my last post, one of our all-time favorite reads is The First Book of Sushi... Audrey was obsessed with it as a toddler, and now the tattered and torn little board book is a daily read for Millie. But here's the difference, while Audrey loved reading it, she never once connected the words and images on the pages with food she would actually want to consume. Millie, on the other hand, is obsessed with both reading about and (the idea of) eating sushi. So much so, that for the past couple of months, every. single. time. we'd finish reading the book, she'd sigh really dramatically and say, "I want sushi."


Now a good "foodie"mom (especially one that loves sushi as much as I do) would have taken her kids to eat it early get their palettes used to the different flavors and textures, but here's the thing (and I know you know this) sushi is expensive. And I couldn't bear to throw down loads of cash only to have them whine and gag and partake in their usual "there's no possible way I'm eating that" dinner theater.... So I waited. But then Millie started asking for California rolls and miso soup and shrimp ebi, and it was officially go time.

I'd like to report that she loved it, that sushi has now become a go-to meal, that neither girl ended up eating giant bowls of cereal when we got home, but I can't. I can say that Millie was an excellent sport. She tried everything we gave her, didn't gag or spit anything out and seemed to be generally excited about the entire enterprise, which I have to say, is in and of itself a pretty big accomplishment...

Next up tripe. ;-)


  1. Not every battle can be a complete victory, right?

  2. Tripe?
    I have always fed my kid the way the did with me, so basically she eats whatever we eat since she was 8 months old (we just pureed it then) and she is a true foodie, she loves cooking and baking and healthy things that other kids would hate.
    You'll always do fine listening to your mommy instincts.
    Millie is so adorable!

  3. when i lived in hawaii, my ex's niece and nephew (three year old twins) ate sushi like it was going out of style. well, sashimi to be exact. ahi sashimi, by the plate full. "sheemie, sheemie!" it was the cutest thing i've ever seen.
    alas, years later, my own almost three year old will barely eat any protein i stick in front of her. sticky rice is about as far as she'll go.

    i'm looking forward to hearing about the tripe! :-)

  4. (i just reread my post and realize that sticky rice is not a protein. i meant it's as far as she'll go where sushi is concerned. cheers to proofreading!)

  5. Getting past the drama is half the battle, as far as I'm concerned. It's the not trying that drives me crazy, not the not-liking. Congrats! (And Ana, I am way jealous of you. My pickiest eater is very accomplished in the kitchen but will only eat what he makes if copious amounts of flour, sugar, or both are involved. He prefers to starve than let green pass his lips, despite the fun we have preparing things together!)

  6. George loves going to Yo Sushi! when we go to a big city. I think the whole pick what you want off the conveyor belt is the key for him! I love it when kids like to try stuff. Don't beat yourself up about blog updates. Just do it when it feels right.

  7. My daughter was 5 when she looked longingly at a piece of sushi I was eating and asked to try a bite. She loved it - which was shocking. And she still loved it when I said the green part was sea weed. Kids can be surprising! :)

  8. had to post this on my blog's facebook page (standing in the shadows) because so much of it resonated, favorite book for our kids, youngest much less exposed to sushi than her elder sibls because well, it's expensive & we aren't so easily able to pay for it as frequently.

    loved the post.

  9. That's awesome! ha, tripe... good luck! :)

  10. Yes, well, consider the alternative ... you take your 3 year old out to a nice Japanese restaurant and she throws down $7 sashimi like water. Let's just say it was an expensive night ...

    On a separate note - I love your daughter's haircut! I may even have to take your blog into the hairdresser next time - so Nelle ends up with something stylish ;)

  11. I totally wish I could get my kids to even try sushi! They are so tough when it comes to food that just looks totally different than the rest. Maybe I should get my 9 month started as early as possible. I think it's too late for my 7 year old...maybe he'll try it when he's much older.

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