Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Fallbacks

Those boy scouts were clearly onto something when they coined the motto “Be Prepared.”

It's become our kitchen mantra, as having a go-to dinner for when we work late, are totally uninspired or lazy, or forget to go to the grocery store (sadly it happens more often than I’d like to admit) is our key to avoiding the siren song of chicken nuggets.

Our quick-food panacea is without a doubt eggs. We love them…from our head down to our legs even (sorry I couldn’t resist) + there’s nothing easier to fix based on everyone’s particular preference. I can just whip a few together with some sea salt, a little fresh cracked pepper + some Spike (so good), melt a little pat of butter and then slowly (slow is the key) scramble them over medium-low heat. Right before they finish cooking, I throw in a handful of grated sharp white cheddar or parmesan and serve them up to Bryan and the girlies with buttered wheat toast.

While they’re happily munching away (usually coming back for seconds and thirds), I poach or fry an egg for myself and do a little open faced sandwich on toast. To keep things interesting, I switch up the cheese, sometimes throw on a thin little piece of ham I've warmed in the pan, maybe add a little tomato salad...

But no matter what, it’s always good.


  1. loving the new blog! i don't have any kids yet but in the mean time maybe i will cultivate my own inner foodie.

    the photos are making me hungry. is two in the afternoon too early to start planning dinner?

  2. Oh, we totally use breakfast as our dinner backup! You can't beat them eggs!

  3. Great new blog, the pics are great. We started a veggie garden this summer, that is producing. It's a small move, but a rewarding one. Great for our little guys to help with. Ok now I'm hungry!

  4. This is so our saving grace as well. My fiance and I always resort to our fave breakfast burrito recipe on the nights we get home too late to really make any effort: slow-scrambled eggs with salt, pepper, and a dash of cayenne, cooked,crumbled turkey bacon, and warm whole wheat tortillas. They taste fabulous with home-made salsa, too!

    P.S. The new site looks really great!

  5. We love eggs too! I'm curious, what kinds of eggs do you buy? That book Real Food and a few other books and blogs have me obsessing about all the different kinds of eggs out there!

  6. patricia -- we've been getting eggs at the farmer's market, as the farmer there has free range, free-roaming, organic eggs... they're pretty good! What's the thinking in Real Food on the best eggs? I need to get that book!