Monday, June 8, 2009

A Win

image via zabars

I've somehow convinced Audrey to try a bite of something new every single day. This wasn’t an easy feat. Let's just say Audrey is squeamish.

She gags merely looking at certain foods (that aren't, by the way, particularly gross.) She clamps her nostrils shut tight with her fingers when we walk through the seafood, olive or cheese section of Whole Foods. She’s a bit dramatic that one.

At any rate, I’ve cajoled her to expand her taste buds a bit. Here’s pretty much how it goes down: I come up with something I want her to try (usually a bit of what I’m eating for lunch or dinner, like a small arugula leaf lightly coated with vinaigrette or a smidge of an asparagus spear roasted in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt), she resists, wiggles around, clamps her hand over her mouth and shakes her head vehemently. I remind her of our agreement…blah, blah, something new every single day, blah, beg her, tell her how good it’s going to be -- how much she’ll love it…And then I bribe her with a piece of chocolate after dinner. That does the trick, and she quickly puts the item in her mouth, chews it up and immediately starts crying that she HATES it.

We’ve never had a “win.”

Yesterday’s attempt was by far the worst. I gave her a smidge of guacamole with feta cheese on the end of a homemade tortilla chip, which I was convinced she would love, as (not to brag) my guacamole is pretty kickin'. But no such luck. It was an epic disaster; the minute it hit her mouth, she gagged, then screamed, then spit it in the sink. I was pretty bummed.

A few minutes later, I went back into the kitchen to find Audrey perched at the island, eating the entire block of Campo De Montalban that I'd put out as a little pre-dinner snack… It's a Manchego-like semi-hard goat/cow/sheep milk cheese that is mild and nutty but definitely not the bland string cheese sticks that she normally gravitates to.

A Win at last! Almost made up for the guacamole. Almost...


  1. i love your blogs! your writing is enchanting.

  2. just saw your food blog girly. didn't tell me you were doing that!! love it. So fun too, eh?! I started mine in hopes of doing a cookbook one day sooner then later for the absense of celiac books out there. love yours. looks like a great start. XOXO

  3. I need more information on the combo of guacamole & feta. I love both so I am quite intrigued!

  4. Joslyn,

    I love your new blog! My four-year old son is quite unique in his eating habits than most of the kids. His most favorite food is clams which most kids would consider gross. At Whole Foods he literally runs to the olive bar and points out to olives he wants me to buy. We joke with my husband that we need to get night-shift jobs to afford such gourmet taste. I like you approach in getting Audrey to try something new. My other trick is to tell him little stories about different countries and their food traditions. After the story about Japan he insists on eating his rice only with the Japanese seaweed mix Furikake. However, I still regret my story about Belgium and their tradition of chocolate making :).

  5. Jos- Jessica is right you need to post the recipe for your guacamole.... because, it is, without a doubt... the best freaking guac in the world. and i'm not saying that cause i like you, it really is delicious. Audrey will come around too. in the mean time ill eat her share. :)