Friday, June 12, 2009

Sprouted Kitchen + What Are You Cooking?

image by hugh forte for sprouted kitchen

Words can not describe how gorgeous + perfect this site is (spotted via kristina, who, by the way, authored this week's blogger's favorites over on SL)... I'm planning to attempt these carrot cake cookie "wiches" this week-end. Audrey will probably shun them, but no matter, I'll just eat them all myself.

image by hugh forte for sprouted kitchen

In other weekend food news, we're having a little picnic with friends this evening, and Audrey and I have been planning what we'll pack all week. There's such an art to a good picnic; I try to pack things that are easy to eat outside and that hold up well to the heat, but I also want some special treats, some sort of homemade sweet or fun adult beverage...

that cheese...audrey's picnic dream -- image of philippe stark's (of course) picnic via t magazine

I think we've settled on the following, but we'll see how things evolve as the day progresses:
  • Sunbutter sandwiches on whole wheat bread (more on Sunbutter truly is incredibly yummy)
  • A block of that Campo De Montalban
  • Plums
  • Homemade hummus and baked pita chips
  • Tomato mozzarella salad
  • Homemade oatmeal/dark chocolate cookies
  • Sparkling lemonade for the kiddos
  • Lillet blanc for the grown-ups

Tomorrow morning we're headed to a new community "farmer's" market that I'm incredibly excited about...The vendors include local cheese makers, bakers + chocolatiers, farmers (meat + veggies) and local artists and artisians. It's small, and this is the first weekend, so if you live in the Dallas area be sure to go support it. I'll report back Monday with our finds.

Finally we have an especially yummy Sunday dinner planned: locally made whole-wheat fettuccine with roasted asparagus, sweet Italian sausage, cherry tomatoes and goat cheese. My goal is to get the girlies to try one bite of the dish in its final form, and I'll of course have a back-up plate of pasta with sausage and Parmesan only for when the gagging and crying inevitably commences... fingers crossed.

So, what are you cooking this weekend??


  1. oh my goodness, sunbutter?? i don't know what that is but i want to eat it right now.

  2. the one thing i do know is i'm making a berry pie made from berries from the farmer's market (although kidlet won't touch it). maybe if i have her make a tiny little pie for herself, she'll give it a go.

  3. mmm! this picnic looks amazing! i've never heard of sunbutter either, but i like the sound of it!

  4. cupcakes for my nephew's birthday party tomorrow, strawberry lemonade and/or a pitcher of sun-tea, perhaps another batch of this delicious chicken primavera dish i made up a while back and can't seem to get enough of!

  5. we're doing our usual sunday thing: grilled pizzas. we top them with whatever's ready from the garden. so far it's just a few tomatoes and basil, so it looks like pesto pizza it is!

  6. Really want to make my first quicke AND delicious blueberry cobbler :)

  7. white rock is a bit of a drive for us but we made it out to the lovely frisco farmers market and were pleasantly surprised. we had yummy filets with sauteed mushrooms, grilled zucchini for dinner and yummy applesauce spice cupcakes for dessert. Oh the absolutely best bread ever from the market too! my boys had a lot of fun exploring and helping pick out fresh produce.

  8. oh the sunbutter looks fantastic! my oldest in allergic to ALL nuts! where do you buy yours?

  9. mmmmm... I LOVE sprouted kitchen. Did you love those carrot cake cookies? They are wonderful!