Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Slight Delay and Food Confessions

I promised I'd post an update on our online cooking club, and after discovering that many of you have vacations planned before the school year starts, I thought it would be best to officially kick-off our little culinary adventure on September 1st.

I'll continue working out the details and will post a full list of participants and "rules" the week before. Then we'll post our first recipe on the 1st. Sound ok?

Now onto the confessions. I was reading our latest book club pick, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, last night, and while tucked into the chapter about our massive consumption of corn and corn-based processed foods and big agribusiness, I was mindlessly munching on a bag of microwave popcorn and sipping (wait for it...) a Diet Coke.

Yes, I know, shameful. But admitting a problem is the first step, no?

So spill it. What are your shameful "food" vices?


  1. Fruit. After I read that book I have the worst sense of guilt that I support the massive amounts of wasted natural resources just to enjoy fresh raspberries, peaches and bananas. To compensate for my overindulgence in foreign grown fruit, I buy bushels of food at the farmer's market.

    That book is amazing and it will change the way you think about everything that goes onto your shopping basket!

  2. Mara -- I know...I'm only a hundred pages in and it's completely humbling. A great read!

  3. diet dr. pepper.
    i just can't seem to give it up!

  4. Boxed Mac & Cheese. I buy the one that claims to have some whole grains in it, but still.

    Ice cream. Even with our ice cream maker I still have some trouble resisting the occasional pint of B&J.

    Pizza. Should be making our own, all the time. But that's just not the way it works out, is it?

    P.S. I gave up microwave popcorn when I tried out the Whirly-Pop my mom got me one Christmas, and I consider myself a popcorn connoisseur after years of working at a movie theater.

  5. Salt and Vinegar potato chips...sigh

  6. This is one of my favorite books! Kingsolver is so wonderful and brilliant!

    My food vice...gummi bears! I haven't had them in months and only buy the ones that claim to be organic, but come on...anything that has the feel of gelatin rubber can't be good for you! right?

  7. Just finished that book - so good!

    The only meat I eat is fish, so I am trying to be better about where it is sourced. Eek. And mangoes. Sweet, juicy, delicious mangoes that are certainly not grown within a reasonable distance of the upper Midwest. Sigh.

  8. Chips! But I try to buy the organic blue corn chips from Trader Joes... makes a little better, no?

    ... I recommend the move Food Inc... its incredible!! It talks about some of this same stuff.

    I haven't read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.. but its on my list ;)

  9. I read this book last year and it was part of the catalyst for my current gardening/chicken adventures.

    My vices: ice cream and ginger ale, sometimes together! Need to pull out the ice cream maker and make my own ginger brew I suppose.

  10. That is hilarious. I loved reading that book. Unfortunately I also LOVE Cheetos, against my better judgment.


  11. I am a member of a CSA, try to eat organic when I can, I rarely eat meat and try to buy other produce in season - but my number one vice is candy. I LOVE candy and eat it every day. The chewy gooey stuff that is so bad for your teeth and your health. I can't give it up, I love it so much.

  12. I limit processed foods, don't allow food dyes, prefer organic & homemade and then I am a major hypocrite because I love general mills "french vanilla cafe" with all the stuff I forbid the kids from consuming...ack!

  13. french vanilla non-dairy creamer in my daily coffee.

    i know.

  14. candy! I can consume ridiculously large quantities of candy -- both sugary and chocolatey. Because I consider it a treat, I try not to be too hard on myself for it not being the healthiest thing.