Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Miss Cheese

image by michele m. waite via lovely morning

Only four more days left of this (*&#@*) detox, and I can 100%, unequivocally, without a doubt say:

I. Want. Cheese.

Otherwise, it's going great.


  1. Oh my....yes, I would have a hard time giving up cheese! Especially if I was served this stunning platter!

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I feel your pain! Lots of visitors around are parts this summer and some are vegan. Cutting out meat is doable, cheese, no go for me too.
    You're on the home stretch.

  3. I joined you for an involuntary version of your detox due to an allergic reaction I had on my face and mouth from some too-harsh soap (ick). I just finished yesterday and I can completely empathize with your deep desire for some cheese. It was what I missed the absolute most. The first thing I did was make myself a delicious tomato and mozzerella salad.

    Hang in there, you're almost done!

  4. very interesting. how do you feel???

  5. i want cheese too. way more than coffee, wine or chocolate. i am counting down the days!!!!!

  6. orange sugar home -- i actually feel great. lots of energy, etc. i'm eating a lot of yummy stuff just unfortunately not cheese.

    erin -- yes, the official countdown has begun!

  7. It'll be interesting whether or not you enjoy eating it and the effects it'll give you after not having had it for so long.
    Hang in there!
    Love your blog by the way...have added you to my "Yummy Food Sites" on my blog:-)

  8. i'm heading home(France) for a few days next week.and eating cheese is one of the thing i'm most looking forward to.after seing my family. but it's a close call.
    i'll have a thought for you,

  9. you're almost there! and then you can have as much cheese as you like!

    i could never give it up... i think they'd take away my birth certificate or something since i was born in wisconsin. ;)

  10. you can do it! just next week you'll be as happy as can be enjoying cheese!

  11. we made it!!!

    and by the way my celebration dinner included lemon rosemary chicken and wait for it.... gnocchi... with homemade pesto. so yummy.

    what did you break with? have a good vacation!