Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Salad Rolls Are Simple!

If forced to name my top five favorite foods, fresh (or salad) rolls would definitely be on the list. (These also happen to fall into the category of what I am eating, although I'm not sure the rice wrappers are 100% detox friendly.)

For years, I only ate these when we ordered or went to our favorite Thai place, but in the past couple of months, I've realized that with just a little practice, they are insanely simple to make. I don't have a formal recipe, as we kinda wing it every time, veering toward some combination of romaine lettuce, matchstick carrots + cucumber, bean sprouts, mint, cilantro, basil and sometimes shredded chicken or halved shrimp.

But I will share my tips for making foolproof, tight, restaurant style rolls:
  1. Work on a completely. dry. surface. (dry it off with a clean towel between rolls, as any extra water makes the rice wrappers hard to deal with)
  2. Use two wrappers per roll overlapping the circles about 60%
  3. When assembling, err on the side of less filling, as they'll be much easier to roll
  4. Make them about 10 minutes or so before serving so the rolls firm up a bit

Now my mission is to make the girlies love these as much as I do... Based on Audrey's response to last weekend's rolls, it's going to be a challenge.


  1. That's what I had for lunch yesterday. I find that if I run the wrapper under the faucet, then let it sit on a plate for about 30 seconds, it's easier to wrap. I only use one wrapper and wrap them like Chipotle burritos - fold the bottom "end" over the filling, tuck the sides in, then roll the rest of the way.

    What do you use for dipping sauce? That's the problem I have at home is that I haven't foudn the right sauce.

  2. I love salad rolls and would love to start making my own. Thanks!

  3. I am inspired to try these...maybe if the kids help they will be more willing. Tonight we are having your "beautiful rice" with veggies quesadillas and grilled summer squash.

  4. Looks awesome. How did you make your sauce???

  5. kim -- full disclosure, that night we were in a hurry and used bottled sauce from whole foods, that was pretty so-so.

    I usually just mix a little minced fresh ginger, hot water, p-nut butter, soy sauce, rice vinegar and red pepper flakes.

    I'll dig up my recipe for exact amounts!

  6. Thanks for the tips! I've never tried to make these, but I do love them and am not sure what I'm waiting for. I'll have to give a try.

    What's your dipping sauce? Is that homemade, too?

  7. I've never even thought to attempt to make these. I'm tempted to try them now though, as you said the magical word: Simple.

    What sauce did you get from WF? Do you recommend it?

  8. We make spring rolls all the time at my house. But my mom prepares all the ingredients and puts it on a couple plates. We put crab meat, carrots, lettuce, avocados.. We also put in bulgogi which is korean marinated beef..very good. My mom sets out a deep bowl with hot boiling water. We take turns by placing the wrapper in the bowl. And then we make it ourselves. Of course my mom replaces the water when it starts getting lukewarm.