Friday, August 7, 2009

What I'm *Not* Eating...

While we've definitely been eating well (fresh local veggies, homemade meals, organic meat), it's possible I've been eating perhaps... a little too well. There's been an awful lot of indulging of late, so I bit the bullet and decided to team up with my cousin Erin on a 14 day "mini detox".

We're currently on day five of not consuming any alcohol, dairy, sugar, caffeine, red meat, processed foods, flour, gluten and soy, and it hasn't been as bad as I feared. I'm not ever really hungry, as it's easy to stay full on the things we can eat like brown rice, veggies and fruit, raw nuts, organic chicken and pork, fish and oatmeal.

But I am getting a bit bored, and I'm missing cheese dreadfully...

My biggest challenge has been how to work the detox into our family eating without letting the girls know that I'm doing it. Regardless of how healthy my motivations are, I don't want to introduce either of them to anything that remotely feels like a "diet" for fear of accelerating the body image, eating disorder nightmare that they'll eventually encounter in one form or another.

So far it's been very easy to explain why I'm not having dessert, as I want the girls to know those things aren't necessarily healthy (although indulging in a quality, homemade dessert occasionally is certainly a "healthy" way to eat) but the dairy/bread questions are a little harder. I've avoided most probing by serving us all the same meal at night, and luckily many of our go-to meals (white beans with brown rice, chicken with veggies) are totally detox friendly.

Now I head into the weekend and bigger challenges -- it's always harder for me to avoid goodies on the weekend. So wish me luck and let me live vicariously through you...

What are you cooking this weekend?


  1. good for you -- you're so inspiring. i'm hoping to cook at least a couple of meals as we've got a few birthday parties this weekend ...meaning lots of party foods + sweets - which is fun but not the healthiest!

    and made your mango/tomato salad last night ... it was so easy + delish! thanks!

  2. Oh good for you! 5 days in and you're almost halfway there! I'd also miss the dairy. Milk, cheese and ice cream are definitely regulars in my diet.

    You'll get through the weekend -- no worries. You're motivated so you'll do just fine and before you know it your mini detox will be over.

    Have a good one!

  3. My acupuncturist recommended cutting out dairy, and CHEESE IS SO DELICIOUS. So hats off to you to sticking with it. I'm fine with that type of detox (vs. the "I will only drink water with lemon and cayenne pepper for 2 weeks" crap).

    Tonight I made pad Thai for my whiny hubby - it's his favorite. Tomorrow we are having a going away party, so I'm pantry busting as much as I can! Cake uses up flour!

  4. You aren't missing anything here. Dad is in town and he's a vegan so our weekend food will be like your detox. And like you, it's the cheese I miss the most. Hang in there.

  5. Geez Joslyn, I guess my post of favorites with all the indulgent foods didn't help any, sorry!

    Good luck this weekend - remember, WILL POWER! :)

    I'll be cooking lightly as we are beyond booked with too many events to attend. One basil goat cheese souffle is definitely on the menu.

  6. I've invited friends for dinner tomorrow night, so I've made gazpacho and a white bean/garlic dip for veggies. And for dessert, I've made my own ricotta cheese which I'll mix with blackberries and a date syrup that my sister gave to me.

  7. Raheli -- that sounds cool that you made your own ricotta. i'm dying to try making cheese.

  8. This is the second weekend in a row that we cooked up this blue cheese & grapes flatbread I saw in food and wine. it is/was delish. the kids love it too.

  9. dora -- oh my YUM...ok, making it as soon as i'm done with this (damn) detox

  10. I'm starting a similar detox tomorrow. I started to ease into it this weekend by making spaghetti squash with roasted red peppers and sun dried tomatoes. It was good but I didn't cook the squash long enough so my 14 month old kept trying to chew chew chew and ended up pulling the strings out of his mouth and handing them back to me. But I praised him for trying and am now going to be hunting up some more detox friendly meals.